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8 Best Bitcoin Mixer in 2024: Honest Reviews from Users

Experience the ultimate anonymity with the best Bitcoin mixer. Safely route your Bitcoins through a series of anonymous transactions.
best bitcoin mixer

The mixing service plays a crucial role in ensuring your transactions are anonymous and untraceable, safeguarding your financial privacy in cryptocurrency.

However, many are still unaware of the best bitcoin mixer to choose. Let’s explore the top Bitcoin mixing services with CoinMinutes in this article!

List of 8 Best Bitcoin Mixers

  • Tumbler
  • YoMix
  • UniJoin
  • Cryptomixer
  • Mixero
  • Samourai Whirlpool
  • Wasabi Wallet
  • Whir

Best Bitcoin Mixer

Below are the top 8 most popular Bitcoin mixers in 2024 as compiled by CoinMinutes:


Tumblers have been around since 2011-2013. These services help conceal the origin and destination of Bitcoin transactions, enhancing user anonymity and security. Key features of Tumblers include mixing Bitcoin from multiple users, using various intermediary addresses, breaking transactions into smaller parts, and customizing delays to obfuscate transaction history.

Tumbler provides a range of fee options, starting at 0.40% for basic services and going up to 5% for the advanced “Premium” mixing service. The higher the fee, the more comprehensive the mixing process and enhancing privacy. Users can also customize their Bitcoin mixing orders by setting a delay, adding an extra layer of security.


  • The website has multiple languages and a blog full of useful information.
  • Shielding against DDoS-Guard and other analytical services.
  • A TOR version of the website for enhanced privacy.
  • Utilization of distinctive mixing techniques like CoinJoin hybrid technology.
  • Ability to specify up to 10 output cryptocurrency addresses.
  • A wide range of commissions starting from 0.4%.
  • Compatibility with amounts as low as 0.001 BTC.
  • Transaction details are purged within 24 hours.
  • Dispatch delays range from 3 to 72 hours.
  • Ensure the provision of a letter of guarantee to commit to the quality of services or products for customers.


  • May be associated with illegal activities.
  • Some services may be unreliable, such as user support services, advertising services, etc.


Bitcoin Mixer YoMix is a leading Bitcoin mixing service designed to enhance privacy and anonymity in cryptocurrency transactions. With YoMix, users can seamlessly combine their payments with transactions originating from various sources. With standout features such as granting users full control over the mixing process, it facilitates the convenient maintenance of mixing sessions, allowing users to seamlessly continue from where they left off.

The transaction fee of YoMix is set from 0.7% to 5%, depending on the amount of Bitcoin you want to mix. This ensures flexibility and fairness for users, allowing them to choose a fee that suits their needs and financial situation.


  • It provides adaptable transaction fees alongside a minimal transaction threshold.
  • Empowers users with customizable time delays
  • Provides 24/7 customer support services.
  • It enjoys a favorable reputation within the Bitcoin community.
  • You can use JavaScript to interact with the YoMix service through its API.


  • May attract regulatory scrutiny and legal risks depending on the jurisdiction.
  • Only for Bitcoin, limiting use for other cryptocurrencies.


UniJoin, introduced in 2022, is a Bitcoin mixer service designed to enhance privacy and security in transactions. One unique feature of UniJoin is its randomization of fees, making it challenging for users to predict the exact amount they’ll pay when sending money through the platform. UniJoin prioritizes the safety and security of users’ transactions, promising a reliable environment for conducting Bitcoin mixing. 

Fees for mixing BTC through UniJoin typically fluctuate between 1% and 3%, with the final amount dependent on chance, adding an element of uncertainty to the process.


  • User-friendly with a streamlined process requiring just a few steps.
  • Utilize UniJoin for anonymous purchases of products and services.
  • The website seamlessly integrates with Tor for enhanced privacy.
  • Further, obfuscate your crypto information by setting transfer delays as an additional feature.
  • The company strictly follows a no-logs policy, ensuring maximum privacy for users.


  • Users cannot predict exact fees, depending on luck, which may lead to unexpected costs.
  • Legal issues may arise depending on jurisdiction and regulations regarding Bitcoin mixing.
  • Mixing transactions may result in delays compared to regular Bitcoin transactions.


Cryptomixer, launched in 2016, is a popular Bitcoin mixing tool known for its high security, promising to delete user data and transaction information after mixing. It features a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to use without technical knowledge, and it allows users to choose delay times and distribution methods for sending funds to different addresses to enhance security.

Cryptomixer charges a fee ranging from 0.5% to 3% per transaction, depending on the delay and distribution options chosen by the user. With its high-security features and reasonable fees, Cryptomixer is a reliable choice for those who want to protect their privacy in Bitcoin transactions.


  • The minimum amount required for mixing is 0.001 BTC.
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • There are no maximum limits set.
  • Support for Smartphones
  • Supports a No-Log policy.


  • Risks of reliance on providers for privacy/security.
  • Variable fees may lead to unpredictable transaction costs.
  • Concerns about transparency despite No-Log policy.


Mixero provides a unique Bitcoin mixing service with CoinJoin technology, enhancing privacy for users. Notably, it combines a creative “advanced” mode, in which Bitcoin undergoes conversion into Monero (XMR) before returning to BTC to increase anonymity for users. However, this advanced mode requires higher fees, emphasizing its premium security features.

Within the Mixero ecosystem, users can adjust their experience by choosing faster processing, albeit at a higher cost. By default, the service applies a 2.7% fee, ensuring seamless mixing. 


  • No user personal data logs are retained, including IP addresses.
  • Users can choose to delay transactions for up to 168 hours (7 days) to enhance privacy.
  • The platform features a user-friendly interface for seamless navigation and interaction.
  • Customer support 24/7
  • Affordable pricing and adaptable transaction options cater to diverse user requirements.


  • Advanced mixing incurs higher fees, potentially limiting budget users.
  • Dependency on Third-Party Services.
  • The platform lacks transparency regarding operational details.

Samourai Whirlpool

Samourai Wallet was launched in 2019, aiming to enhance user privacy by utilizing coin mixing techniques, making tracking transactions more difficult for third parties. It also integrates the Whirlpool feature to facilitate CoinJoin mixing. Whirlpool typically operates faster than similar services by executing small and rapid CoinJoin cycles.

Whirlpool charges a fixed fee ranging from approximately 0.003 to 0.05 BTC per mixing, depending on the transaction size and privacy level. This makes the service attractive for those looking to mix large amounts of Bitcoin.


  • Compatible with SegWit and Taproot address formats
  • Activate stealth mode for enhanced security on Android devices
  • User-friendly and easy-to-use interface


  • Limited availability on Android may restrict access for some users.
  • Fees for Samourai Whirlpool vary, potentially costly for larger transactions.

Wasabi Wallet

Introduced in 2018, Wasabi Wallet is a Bitcoin mixing service leveraging CoinJoin technology to obscure Bitcoin transaction origins. Wasabi Wallet stands out with its provision of robust security measures and user-friendly interface. Notably, it exempts users from coordination fees when anonymizing under 0.01 BTC via CoinJoin. For those seeking to mix smaller BTC amounts, Wasabi Wallet emerges as a top choice in the market.

Utilizing Wasabi Wallet’s CoinJoin feature for Bitcoin mixing carries a 0.3% coordinator fee. Additionally, users are responsible for covering the transaction processing fees imposed by the Bitcoin network.


  • A user-friendly website, app, or software interface that is intuitive, easy to navigate.
  • Compatible with multiple operating systems such as Windows, macOS, and Linux.
  • Non-custodial, ensuring maximum security and autonomy.
  • Open-source by design, promoting transparency and community collaboration.
  • High security through ZeroLink encryption


  • The performance and efficiency of Wasabi Wallet still depend on the level of user participation within the CoinJoin network.
  • The advanced security features and technical setup may pose difficulties for newbies.


Whir, a Bitcoin mixing tool built on CoinJoin emerged in 2019. Its standout feature lies in its intuitive user interface, ensuring ease of use while bolstering privacy for BTC holders. Offering considerable flexibility, Whir allows users to select varying mixing intensities and even set time delays for their transactions.

With Whir, the Bitcoin mixing fee starts at 1%. However, for those seeking a more robust privacy-enhanced mixing process, fees may escalate up to 3%. It’s important to note that when utilizing Whir, users should also factor in the standard transaction fee mandated by the Bitcoin network.


  • User-managed time delays.
  • Support for up to 10 Bitcoin payout addresses.
  • Provides a Letter of Guarantee.
  • Zero-log policy.


  • Each transaction is capped at 10 BTC.
  • Using Bitcoin mixers carries inherent risks of scams.
  • Using mixing tools can potentially delay transactions.

Why You Should Use Bitcoin Mixer?

Bitcoin mixers serve several important purposes in the world of cryptocurrency. Here are some reasons why you should consider using it:

  • Protecting Financial Privacy: With Bitcoin mixers, users can obscure the source and destination of their Bitcoins, thus safeguarding their financial privacy.
  • Preventing Surveillance: Government and other entities may attempt to monitor Bitcoin transactions for various reasons. Mixers make tracking these transactions more difficult, reducing the success of surveillance efforts.
  • Fraud Prevention: Mixers can thwart illegal activities such as theft and hacking by making it harder for attackers to trace the source of the currency. This adds a layer of protection for users against fraudulent activities.
  • Enhancing Fungibility: Fungibility refers to the interchangeability of bitcoins. If a bitcoin is associated with illicit activities, it may lose its value compared to “clean” bitcoins. Bitcoin mixers enhance fungibility by breaking the link between bitcoins and their transaction history, making them indistinguishable from others.

However, it’s important to note that the use of mixers and tumblers may be prohibited by law in some jurisdictions. This article serves as educational content and should be used responsibly. Additionally, users should exercise caution as the legitimacy of mixers cannot always be guaranteed.

Drawbacks of Bitcoin Mixer

In addition to the advantages of Bitcoin mixers, this method also harbors potential concerns and drawbacks that may affect users. Below are the disadvantages of this method:

  • Legal Concerns: While using Bitcoin mixers is not inherently illegal, their association with efforts to conceal the origin of funds has led to scrutiny by regulatory authorities in many legal jurisdictions.
  • Potential for Fraud: Without proper vetting and research, users may fall victim to fraudulent or unreliable mixing services.
  • Anonymity Limits: Although Bitcoin mixing tools aim to enhance privacy by blending transactions, they may not provide complete anonymity.
  • Transaction Delays: Mixing transactions through a Bitcoin mixer can lead to delays and may take up to 48 hours to complete, as this process often involves waiting for other users’ transactions to be combined with one’s own.

Overall, while Bitcoin mixing tools provide a means to enhance privacy and anonymity in transactions, users must carefully weigh these benefits against the associated risks and limitations.

Are Bitcoin Mixers Legal?

The Bitcoin mixer is permitted to operate legally in many countries such as Sweden, Switzerland, and the Netherlands, where blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are welcomed. However, some countries still oppose the use of bitcoin mixers such as the USA, Russia, Pakistan and China. In particular, the UK National Crime Agency (NCA) said that tools that support digital currency transactions such as mixers should be included in the control list.  

The prohibition or restriction of using bitcoin mixers in the aforementioned countries aims to prevent the risks of money laundering, terrorist financing, and the illegal transfer of capital out of the country. 

Despite the potential for abuse, bitcoin mixers remain a valuable tool for individuals seeking privacy on the blockchain. While offering privacy benefits, users still need to be cautious about legal and ethical implications.

The Bottom Line

In summary, choosing the best Bitcoin mixer tool is essential to protect your financial privacy and ensure transactions occur privately and anonymously. With the right mixing service, you can rest assured that your transactions are secure and untraceable.


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