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Bitcoin ETFs see record inflows in July, signaling strong investor sentiment and driving Bitcoin, Ethereum, and altcoins higher.

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Messi's support offers short-term gains. Investors shouldn't make decisions based solely on media and should research before investing in volatile assets like $WATER.
The soccer legend touted Watercoin, a memecoin purportedly focused on raising awareness and providing solutions for ecological issues.
Ether (ETH) drops below $3,000 following Bitcoin's decline. Large holders sell off ETH despite hopes for a spot ETF approval, impacting the market.
Water memecoin saw a volatile debut on Bitget, spiking to $0.003381 before dropping to $0.002043. Allegations of insider selling raise rug pull fears.
Beer Coin, a German meme cryptocurrency, has plummeted over 80% due to major holders selling off. Once worth $300M, its market cap now under $50M.
SEC closes Ethereum investigation, no longer views Ether as a security. ConsenSys celebrates this major win, bolstering confidence in Ethereum and future blockchain regulations.


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