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SEC Ends All Investigations Into Ethereum

SEC closes Ethereum investigation, no longer views Ether as a security. ConsenSys celebrates this major win, bolstering confidence in Ethereum and future blockchain regulations.
consensys vs sec

June 16, 2024 – In a landmark decision, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has officially ended all investigations related to Ethereum. This pivotal move signifies that the SEC no longer considers the sale of Ether (ETH) to be akin to selling stocks.

This decision follows a compelling request from ConsenSys, the innovative company behind Ethereum’s development, which urged the SEC to recognize Ether as a commodity rather than a security. ConsenSys passionately argued that Ethereum is a groundbreaking global computing platform, with Ether functioning more like a digital commodity than an investment instrument.

Consensys wrote a status expressing joy at this victory.

For the cryptocurrency community, this news is a monumental victory. It solidifies Ethereum’s status as a legitimate and stable decentralized platform, likely boosting the confidence of investors and users alike. The SEC’s decision is a powerful endorsement of Ethereum’s potential and reliability.

Moreover, this decision sets a promising precedent for other blockchain projects, paving the way for clearer and more supportive regulations for digital assets in the future. The end of this investigation marks a significant step forward in the evolution of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.


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