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Celo Launches Layer-2 Testnet Dango, Integrates with Ethereum Ecosystem

On July 7, 2024, Celo successfully launched Dango Layer 2 testnet, built on Optimism's OP Stack infrastructure.

Celo, the first mobile-focused layer-1 blockchain, has launched its Dango testnet. This layer-2 solution, which has been developing since last year, marks a significant step for Celo’s deeper integration into the Ethereum ecosystem.

In July 2023, the Celo community voted on the layer-2 plan. After eight months of evaluation, Celo built layer-2 using the Optimism Stack, similar to Base, Zora, Mode, and other layer-2 solutions.

By joining Optimism’s Superchain ecosystem, Dango retains the benefits of Celo’s layer-1 while inheriting a scalable and highly interoperable blockchain framework.

Users can still use stablecoins USDT and USDC to pay for gas on the new network, and bridging assets between Ethereum and Celo will soon be more accessible. According to the announcement, transactions on Celo will be faster, with a 50% increase in throughput and a reduced block processing time from 5 seconds to 2 seconds.

“For most EVM-compatible chains, it’s increasingly difficult to maintain their unique position as Ethereum makes significant strides in expanding and improving its network,” Celo cLabs CTO Marek Olszewski told The Block last year.

The new testnet sets the stage for Celo’s Dango mainnet launch, expected in early winter 2024. The Celo Foundation and cLabs are committed to driving innovation and enhancing the blockchain ecosystem, ensuring a seamless transition and robust growth for developers and users.

Celo launch testnet layer-2 Dango
1h chart of the CELO/USDT pair on Binance on July 8, 2024

Despite the news, CELO’s price has not seen a positive impact. Over the past 24 hours, the token has dropped more than 6% and is trading around $0.47, mirroring the overall market trend.


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