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Blockchain technology has become the newest and hottest technology today, with many different applications in Education, Healthcare, Retail, Logistics, Finance, Entertainment,… With the increasing interest of the world towards blockchain, the demand for blockchain applications is increasing. Therefore, a series of Blockchain development companies were born. Let’s find out the Top 10 Blockchain Development Companies in the world with CoinMinutes through the article below.


One of the leading Blockchain development companies today is LeewayHertz. With excellent services and a value-driven workforce, LeewayHertz has built an excellent track record in the application development business with over fourteen years of experience in blockchain development. LeewayHertz offers a comprehensive range of solutions needed to accelerate your company’s digital transformation, from Blockchain to augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI).

As a leader in Web3 solutions and services, LeewayHertz provides complete blockchain development services. It includes the Metaverse game environment, integration services for Metaverse, rental facility in Metaverse, 3D avatar development, and Metaverse application development.

With over 250 full-stack developers, LeewayHertz can create a unique metaverse for your company by leveraging their deep expertise in a variety of metaverse tools for development and technology. They help integrate the decentralized networks, smart contracts, open standards, crypto wallets, and NFTs needed to carry out your metaverse endeavor, while also supporting its maintenance and improvement.


Unicsoft is a blockchain development company based in Ukraine. With more than 10 years of experience in the field of software development and blockchain technology, Unicsoft has become one of the leading companies in this field.

Unicsoft has a team of experienced experts in developing blockchain applications for businesses. With consulting services and designing the most suitable blockchain solution for your business. In addition, Unicsoft also provides services to deploy and manage blockchain applications to ensure efficient and secure business operations.

Unicsoft has always been highly appreciated for its service quality and professionalism in implementing blockchain projects. Some typical customers of Unicsoft include Bosch, Huawei and Vodafone.

Novus Team

Novus Team is a company specializing in implementing complex projects and platforms such as blockchain development with headquarters in Poland. With a team of experienced experts and profound knowledge of blockchain technology, the Novus Team has succeeded in implementing blockchain projects for businesses around the world. They are the ones who implement every customer’s business idea based on carefully researching each project and finding the best business solution.

Novus Team’s services include: providing web solutions, designing useful software in the field of fintech and blockchain, providing CRM solutions, and e-commerce services for startups and the media,…


Labrys is one of the largest blockchain and Web3 development companies in Australia. One of Labrys’ signature strengths is its ability to combine a deep understanding of blockchain technology with creativity and strategic thinking. Labrys has developed a series of successful blockchain projects for large enterprises such as Aurox, Downer Group,… from financial applications, and supply chain management, to projects promoting public utilities.

With a team of the smartest minds in the industry, rich in experience and profound knowledge of blockchain technology, Labrys is always confident that it can solve all blockchain platform problems for your business.


SoluLab is a global blockchain research and development company, specializing in decentralized and digital spectrum analysis. SoluLab has been in the decentralized technology game since 2014, focusing on supporting the development of cutting-edge technology and cutting-edge software solutions for mobile and web platforms.

Possessing talented software engineers no different from those in Silicon Valley, SoluLab always effectively solves all problems and satisfies their customers. From the fields of decentralization, digitization, low code, no code, and general AI to modern IT software, SoluLab can provide the most optimal solutions for you.

Some successful and highly profitable startup projects that SoluLab has implemented include Walt Disney, Goldman Sachs, Mercedez Benz, Cambridge University, and Georgia Tech, Inc.

Knackroot TechnoLabs LLP

Knackroot TechnoLabs LLP is one of the leading new-generation IT consulting and solutions companies worldwide. Although only established in 2017, Knackroot TechnoLabs LLP provides a full range of diverse information technology solutions across all industries and regions. The company has its headquarters in Ahmedabad, India, and several other branches in Canada, Australia, and the US. Knackroot TechnoLabs LLP shows itself to be a formidable competitor in the field of Blockchain development when it has reached more than 20 customers in 7 countries with a 100% customer retention rate.

Knackroot TechnoLabs continuously promotes service development across all Blockchain-related industries. Their solutions include Blockchain Consulting, Machine Learning Consulting, Information Analytics Consulting, Data Transformation, and IoT Solutions integrated across various Cloud Services, such as AWS and Azure.

Knackroot TechnoLabs’ IT and business solutions support customers in the modern global economy, from even the smallest and medium-sized companies to the most successful international Enterprises. The company’s goal is to develop end-to-end solutions that are scalable, efficient, and fast at the same time while respecting reasonable timelines.


Cubix is a leading company developing blockchain and related applications such as games and enterprise software in the USA.

With over 14 years of experience in providing customized blockchain solutions, providing end-to-end, digitalized, emerging, and decentralized IT solutions. Whether it is a mobile app, a web app, or a custom blockchain application, Cubix can integrate all of the above features with effective, optimized solutions. is one of the top companies in the field of in-depth technology developing blockchain, cryptocurrency, smart contract applications, and many other solutions.

With a team of leading experts in the blockchain field, specializes in providing high-quality solutions to solve all business challenges and promote the continuous development of businesses. With an in-depth understanding of blockchain technology, customizes solutions to each specific requirement, ensuring compliance with industry standards and best practices in the field.


Crynet is a big name in the blockchain marketing industry. Founded in 2016, Crynet provides comprehensive marketing solutions for blockchain projects for startups or the expansion of established businesses.

–°rynet’s motto is to focus its creative power on conveying positive emotions to people through forms of entertainment that will make consumers fall in love with your brand or message.


4IRE is the last name in the list of top 10 Blockchain development companies in the world. 4IRE is a consulting company that provides blockchain software solutions globally. With a team of staff with extensive expertise in software development with advanced blockchain technology solutions, 4IRE always provides world-class software development outsourcing and business & technology consulting services. The world’s best Blockchain, Fintech, Banking, Healthcare and Green Finance.

For more than 13 years of operation, 4IRE has actively built Web 3.0 and FinTech solutions and has become a long-term strategic partner providing a full range of services needed to deploy innovative Blockchain solutions.

CoinMinutes has invested significant time and effort into researching and analyzing the leading blockchain development companies in the industry. As a result, we have curated a comprehensive list of the top 10 companies that have established a reputation for delivering outstanding blockchain solutions. These companies have demonstrated a proven track record of excellence and innovation, making them the go-to choice for clients seeking top-quality blockchain services.

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