Blockchain Developer Salary: How Much Do They Earn?

blockchain developer salary

The blockchain market is growing, and the demand for recruiting blockchain personnel is increasing. Blockchain developer is currently a hot job on the market, are you curious about the salary they receive? If so, let’s find out with CoinMinutes through the article below.

What Is Blockchain Developer Salary?

Blockchain developer salary is the salary received for the job of a blockchain developer. Currently, recruitment demand for this job is relatively high, and this is still a fairly new technology so the number of people knowledgeable about it is still quite limited.

Therefore, the salary that each blockchain developer receives will fluctuate around 2,000 USD or higher, depending on the capacity, project scale, business, work location, importantly, each person’s work experience.

Blockchain Developer Salary By Experience Level

Complete Beginner

People with 0 years of software development experience and 0-1 years of Blockchain technology experience are called Complete Beginners. Although just starting, Complete Beginner can still earn a 6-figure salary based on a little knowledge of Blockchain technology. The average salary for these people is approximately $110,000/year.

New Developer

New developers are blockchain developers with 1-2 years of software development experience and 0-1 years of work experience directly related to blockchain technology. Compared to Complete Beginners, they have a little more experience working as regular software programmers. With the capacity of a new blockchain developer, the salary they receive is usually around 120,000 USD/year.

Experienced Developer

124,000 USD is the average annual salary for an Experienced Developer. They are developers with a lot of professional knowledge and practical skills with 2-4 years of software experience and 0-1 year of Blockchain experience.

Advanced Developer

If you have 4-6 years of software experience and 0-1 year of Blockchain experience, you are called an Advanced Developer. Your salary is super attractive, it is up to $143,000.

Blockchain Master

Blockchain Master can be considered as a master compared to other Blockchain Developers. Because they have extensive experience, a deep understanding of Blockchain as well as the ability to solve complex problems. They have 6-10 years of software development experience and 2-4 years of direct experience related to blockchain technology. Therefore, they are extremely worthy of a salary of about 153,000 USD/year.

Blockchain Developer Salary Based on Country

Not only does it depend on the working experience of Blockchain Developers, but the country and region where they are working is also an important factor affecting their salary.

CountryAverage Salary
Western Europe$75,283
Eastern Europe$25,433

Factors that Influence the Salary of a Blockchain Developer

Each person’s salary must be commensurate with the values and contributions they bring to the company and everyone. The same goes for Blockchain Developers, their salary will usually depend on Experience, Job Location, Job Role, Skillset,…


Typically, Blockchain Developers with extensive experience will have extensive knowledge, skills, and understanding of the industry. They can work more efficiently, can solve complex problems and this is a necessity in the Blockchain industry. So their higher salary is deserved.

Job Location 

Blockchain Developer Salary also depends on job location and the size of the company where they work. Companies that are at the forefront and have a foothold in the blockchain technology industry often offer more competitive salaries to attract the best talent. In addition, living and working in big cities where there are many Blockchain technology companies, businesses have to pay more attractive salaries to be able to own Blockchain programming talents.

Job Role 

Job position is probably the most important factor in deciding on the Blockchain Developer Salary. Blockchain Developers will be proficient in different programming languages, mastering the knowledge of distributed systems that can boost the developer’s monetization ability. They also often have more responsibility, extensive experience, and good management capacity.


Skillset is one of the key factors affecting the salary of a Blockchain developer. People who have skills in blockchain programming like Solidity, Ethereum, and Bitcoin, or know many other technologies related to blockchain will be paid higher than those who only know common things. This is an important criterion for businesses to evaluate and pay Blockchain developers.

Skills Required to Become a Blockchain Developer

To become a Blockchain Developer, you need to have specific skills to work in this field. Fully equipping the skill groups below will help you develop further in the Blockchain field in the future.

Blockchain Developers cannot lack algorithmic thinking and data structure skills because they are basic skills to develop software products. They are essential for developing complex systems like Blockchain, without this skill it is difficult to properly design algorithms and solve problems.

For Blockchain developers, it is necessary to be proficient in at least two popular high-level programming languages to be able to program algorithms and work with smart contracts. They are required to know Solidity language to be able to develop smart contracts on the Blockchain platform as well as meet job requirements depending on the requirements of the blockchain management unit and the type of project.

Cryptography in Blockchain is very important. Blockchain is safe because it operates on a decentralized application platform and secure cryptography. Understanding cryptography and cryptographic thinking will help you become a good Blockchain programmer. In addition, you also need to master popular blockchain architectures to design a system that suits your requirements.

Responsibilities and Roles of Blockchain Developers

Blockchain Developer needs to focus on researching and mastering the peer-to-peer network security mechanism that Blockchain uses, to deeply understand the safety and integrity of data on the system. In addition, developers must constantly improve Blockchain architecture to help improve the applicability of the technology. Another indispensable responsibility is ensuring that all transactions taking place on the blockchain are securely encrypted, protecting users’ personal information and legitimate rights. Therefore, with extremely attractive salaries, blockchain developers also have to take on many important roles and responsibilities.

How to Become a Blockchain Developer?

You can refer to the steps we mention below to become a Blockchain Developer in the fastest and most successful way.

Step 1: Learn about Blockchain

You should start building a foundation of knowledge about Blockchain and basic cryptocurrency concepts. Learn Blockchain including Decentralization, Consensus Mechanisms, Hash Functions, Mining, Cryptocurrencies, Electronic Contracts, and other Blockchain development tools.

Step 2: Understand different programming languages

After gaining basic knowledge about Blockchain, you need to learn different programming languages. A good Blockchain programmer needs to be able to work with many programming languages. For example, the languages C++, SOL, JavaScript and Python, Solidity,…

Step 3: Take courses for Blockchain developers

When it comes to becoming a good Blockchain developer, there is nothing more effective than a quality and focused Blockchain course itself. When studying these courses, you will learn a lot of new knowledge and open your eyes to Blockchain.


Is blockchain a high-paying job?

Yes, of course. Blockchain is currently a new technology and is very hungry for human resources, so the salary of this position is often higher than that of regular programmers.

Is blockchain developer a good career?

Blockchain Developers have great prospects in the future because of the strong development of Blockchain technology. More and more Blockchain companies are being established, so they always have the opportunity to work domestically or internationally with attractive salaries.


Above is the entire detailed article about Blockchain Developer Salary that Coinminutes compiled. Currently, recruitment demand in blockchain development jobs shows no signs of “cooling down”. So if you are passionate about programming, but don’t know which field to pursue, then Blockchain programming will definitely be a great choice you should consider.

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