NFT Clubs: What Are They?

NFT Clubs

In recent years, the popularity of NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, has skyrocketed. NFT Clubs are gradually being created for members who exclusively own a certain type of NFT. So, what are these NFT Clubs? Let’s find out with Coinminutes through the article below.

What Is an NFT Club?

Definition of NFT clubs

An NFT Club is a community of people who own or manage a specific type of NFT. These clubs see the use of NFTs as a membership card for the club. Anyone who owns an NFT can register, and access NFT Clubs, while those without may have limited or no access.

NFT is a type of non-fungible blockchain data unit that represents a unique digital asset such as works of art, game items, collectibles, real estate, etc. Because NFT is unique, it can be considered an identifier for each individual. A collective of NFT enthusiasts takes advantage of this to offer special access to their exclusive social channels, with anyone wishing to join having to purchase or possess a certain type of NFT as a badge. to be able to join. This is how NFT social clubs were born.

The emergence of NFT clubs

NFT Clubs is not simply a community of NFT collectors, it is also a place to create trades, buy and sell, and even display their unique NFT creations. NFT Clubs often have their themes and goals, and club members often share their passions about those topics.

Since their appearance, some outstanding NFT Clubs include the “Friends with Benefits” club, a community of members with a passion for sharing and building creativity about Web 3. Or Flyfish Club, an Exclusive private dining club for those who own the Flyfish Club NFT. And it is impossible not to mention the Maxwell Tribeca, a community of wine and party enthusiasts that we will learn more detail later.

The emergence of NFT Clubs helps people build relationships and connect with people who share the same passion. At Club meetings, they are always allowed to interact and learn from experienced people in their community. The emergence of the NFT Club not only spurs growth in the NFT community in particular but also marks an important step forward in bringing cryptocurrency closer to people’s lives.

Types of NFT Clubs

  1. Artistic NFT Clubs: These clubs focus on the creation, collection, and trading of NFTs specifically within the realm of digital art. Members may gain exclusive access to limited edition NFT art drops, virtual galleries, and interactions with renowned digital artists.
  2. Gaming NFT Clubs: Targeting the gaming community, these clubs offer NFTs related to in-game assets, characters, and experiences. Members might enjoy unique in-game items, early access to new releases, and exclusive gaming-related NFTs.
  3. Collectibles NFT Clubs: These clubs center around the collection of unique digital assets, which can range from virtual trading cards to virtual real estate. Members may engage in trading, buying, and selling exclusive collectible NFTs.
  4. Social NFT Clubs: Focused on fostering a community, social NFT clubs provide a platform for NFT enthusiasts to connect, share insights, and participate in social events. Membership may offer perks such as access to exclusive forums, virtual meetups, and collaborative projects.
  5. Utility NFT Clubs: These clubs offer NFTs with practical use cases, such as access tokens, membership cards, or exclusive privileges within a particular ecosystem. Members may benefit from enhanced functionality or services tied to these utility NFTs.
  6. Exclusive Content NFT Clubs: Catering to content creators, these clubs provide a platform for distributing exclusive digital content as NFTs. Members could gain access to limited edition content, virtual experiences, and interactions with their favorite creators.
  7. Real Estate NFT Clubs: Focused on virtual or digital real estate, these clubs allow members to buy, sell, and trade virtual properties as NFTs. Ownership of these digital spaces may come with various perks and opportunities for customization.

How NFT Clubs Work?

Simply put, everyone needs to own an NFT as a key to join an NFT Club, so how does it specifically work?

For Members

Think of NFTs as a key or a membership card that grants access to your favorite club, which is exactly what NFT Clubs do. As a member of the club, you will need to create a digital wallet so you can store your representative NFT. Once an NFT is purchased and claimed, it will usually be denoted by a QR code in your wallet. This QR code will become authentic information, you can use it to participate in the online NFT Club platform or use it to scan to participate in real events.

In addition, once you become a club member, you can take advantage of member-only incentives and discounts to experience event services or even transactions taking place in your club.

For Organizers

NFT Clubs can help organizers increase their income based on club activities. In addition to revenue from regular membership fees, organizers can also mobilize and sell NFTs to a wider audience, both inside and outside their club.

Most importantly, as an organizer, when you create a community you need to ensure you bring value to your members. And when you have created a strong community, your NFT products will also grow and become more valuable than the rest, it will bring great results to your club.

NFT Club

Top NFT Clubs

Friends with Benefits, Maxwell Tribeca, and the Flyfish Club are considered the most famous NFT Clubs today

Friends with Benefits

The first name to emerge and attract the attention of the NFT community is “Friends with Benefits”. This is a gathering place for people who love Web3 and are passionate about creating, building, and having breakthrough ideas about it.

FWB Club has more than 3,000 members, they regularly hold meetings on Discord. To be able to participate in local events, you need to own 5 or more FWB tokens. Additionally, if you own 75 FWB or more, you can access global events and have voting rights in the club.

Flyfish Club

Have you ever heard of an NFT restaurant? In 2023, the upcoming launch of the world’s first NFT restaurant in New York City has caused the media to waste a lot of ink. It’s called Flyfish Club, co-founded by serial entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk specifically for the Flyfish Club to collect digital assets.

Members will be required to purchase a Flyfish NFT to gain entry to the restaurant and experience a variety of culinary, cultural, and social experiences.

There won’t be any applications or recurring fees, the NFT is all you need to get in the door. Club members can also bring their friends and relatives as long as one person owns the NFT, small groups are welcome.

At Flyfish Club restaurant, you will enjoy an elegant space and be served international seafood dishes by experienced chefs famous around the world.

Maxwell Tribeca

Maxwell Tribeca is an NFT Club quite similar to other traditional clubs. They offer their members access to communal wine cabinets at luxury parties. These parties are held at an 8,000-square-foot campus, with costs starting from $1,000. In addition, Maxwell Tribeca also benefits from transactions within the club, when members trade NFTs within the club, with each successful transaction, the organizers will get a 2.5% cut.


How much do NFT social club memberships cost?

Membership fees depend on the policies and values that the club brings to its members. Usually, it will range from a few hundred to thousands of dollars, so before participating, consider and choose according to your preferences and budget.

How do I create an NFT membership? 

Start by identifying the membership levels and their associated benefits in your community. Then, proceed to purchase the NFT using a blockchain platform like Ethereum or another smart contract-enabled platform. Finally, provide it to the club operator you want to join for support and guidance on joining.

Where can I buy an NFT to join a specific social club?

You can buy an NFT to join a specific social club on platforms like Rarible, OpenSea, and club-recommended marketplaces.


Above is a detailed explanation of what NFT Clubs are. Hope this article has brought useful information to you. Hope you soon find your favorite NFT club.

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