The NFT Marketplace Giant OpenSea Warns Users of Data Breach

OpenSea Hacked

In a security breach involving a third-party provider, OpenSea, the leading NFT marketplace, has urged its users to reset their API keys immediately.

It has been emphasized by the company that the recent security incident may affect any program that uses OpenSea’s API keys. This could put users at risk of cyberattacks and cause processing delays for applications that rely on OpenSea’s API keys. Consequently, the platform has decided to deactivate all current keys by October 2, as indicated in email notifications sent to users.

OpenSea Email

OpenSea has not yet disclosed the number of users impacted by the breach or any other information beyond the compromised API keys.

On September 22, Nansen, a blockchain data analytics company, announced on X (formerly known as Twitter) that a security breach had occurred on one of its third-party providers, affecting 6.8% of its user base. The breach allowed unauthorized access to administrative privileges within an account responsible for granting customers access to the Nansen platform.

According to Nansen, this third-party provider is a reputable company that manages data for various Fortune 500 firms and other entities in the cryptocurrency sector. This data security incident may have also affected the NFT marketplace, OpenSea, as they have taken similar actions following the breach.

Nansen Twitter

OpenSea has encountered security issues in the past. In the previous year, the platform unintentionally exposed numerous customer email addresses due to an employee’s mistake while working with email service provider Such occurrences tend to attract the interest of hackers, emphasizing the significance of having strong cybersecurity measures in place.

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