Starknet Token Distribution Plans Still in Progress, Despite Speculation Over Portal Screenshots

Starknet token

The Starknet Foundation, the organization behind the Ethereum Layer 2 Starknet network, has officially confirmed information regarding the upcoming airdrop after the community circulated two screenshots believed to be the criteria for receiving the Starknet airdrop.

The Twitter community has recently circulated screenshots of an interface on the Starknet website. These screenshots list several criteria for qualifying for the project’s airdrop. However, it’s important to note that this is just an initial draft, and users have even spotted spelling errors in the project name.

Screenshot is said to be the criteria to receive Starknet’s airdrop

Regarding this incident, Starknet Foundation said: “the screenshots contained draft plans that are still under development.”

Starknet Foundation also confirmed that the Snapshot deadline for the airdrop has also been decided and that future user activities will not be counted towards the reward criteria.

In a 2022 announcement, the Starknet Foundation stated that a total of 10 billion Stark (STRK) tokens would be issued. Among these, 50% will be retained by the organization, while the remaining portion will be allocated to core developers, those contributing to the ecosystem, and the community.

Starknet operates as a Layer 2 network on Ethereum, utilizing the zero-knowledge roll-up solution. This method involves aggregating multiple off-chain transactions and then publishing them together on the Ethereum network.

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