Solana Saga Phones for Up to $5K on eBay Amidst Bonk Craze Leading to Stock Depletion

Solana Saga

The Solana Saga phone has become a highly coveted commodity, commanding prices above its retail valuation.

An instance of a Solana Saga phone has seemingly been purchased for up to $5,000 on eBay—surpassing its retail price by over eightfold. As per a listing dated December 16 on eBay, two unopened, in-box phones have recently sold, listed for $5,000 or “best offer,” while another device has sold for $3,316 or “best offer.” Remarkably, this valuation surpasses even that of the iPhone 15 Pro Max 256GB, priced at approximately $1,199.

Solana Saga
Solana Saga phones were observed fetching prices as lofty as $5,000 in resale transactions on eBay (Source: eBay)

The Solana Saga is the pioneering mobile device integrated with the Solana blockchain. Despite an initial lackluster sales performance, registering at less than 10 times the initially forecasted figures, recent expansion within the Solana ecosystem has precipitated an abrupt escalation in the phone’s market value.

Numerous factors contribute to the ascension of Solana’s market value. In tandem with the burgeoning growth of the Solana ecosystem, the unforeseen distribution of the BONK memecoin has captured user interest. Notably, each proprietor of a Solana Saga phone is endowed with a complimentary allocation of 30 million BONK (valued at approximately $700 at the current market rate). This has garnered considerable attention, particularly given the pronounced ascent in BONK’s market price, with listings on major exchanges such as Binance. There exists a prevailing belief that, as the value of BONK experiences an upward trajectory, the associated airdrop may surpass the intrinsic worth of the phone itself.

Solana Saga
The price of Bonk has surged nearly 800% in the last month (Source: TradingView)

Beyond the prospective financial gains, the Saga phone extends an array of ancillary advantages, encompassing a complimentary month of Helium Mobile usage and an included recreational item. Furthermore, the decentralized application (dApp) store on the Saga platform pledges distinctive rewards and privileges for proprietors of the phone.

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