Roblox CEO Drops Hints about Embracing NFTs, Offers Elton John Capes as Example

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In a CNBC interview, Roblox CEO David Baszucki shared his vision of a future where NFTs could freely trade across all platforms.

When asked about opening up the Roblox platform to interoperability, a concept key to many people’s hope for how the metaverse should function, Baszucki emphasized, “I want to highlight there’s a bit of a dream here about objects and NFTs moving from platform to platform.

He added: “We do believe someday, for example … I use the fun use case that someday Elton John may come on Roblox and make eight or ten one-unit, really cool capes, for example, and sell them for charity. And we would imagine someday that those would go off the platform as an NFT, possibly get sold off the platform, and then come back on the platform.”

It’s unclear whether Baszucki was suggesting that his peers in the community share this “dream” of interoperability, but this scenario is entirely feasible. As the digital landscape increasingly encourages interaction, digital assets, including NFTs, could easily operate across various platforms – a stark contrast to the current closed ecosystem where NFTs only function on a specific platform.

This is not the first time a Roblox executive has teased the possibility of allowing NFTs on the platform. Back in 2022, Roblox’s then Chief Business Officer Craig Donato mentioned NFTs someday working on the platform almost as if it was an inevitability. But he then went on to say that making the leap into NFTs didn’t seem “super important” at the moment. Donato parted ways with Roblox earlier this year.

Despite the potential boost NFTs could bring, especially with Roblox boasting over 70 million daily active users, there seems to be a lack of urgency. This is likely to persist for some time as the platform continues its user base expansion and generates substantial revenue from the sale of its proprietary currency.

In the latest financial report on Wednesday, Roblox revealed a robust performance, raking in $839.5 million in bookings during the third quarter of this year. This marks a significant 20% increase compared to the same period the previous year. Notably, Roblox defines “bookings” as the revenue generated when users acquire “Robux,” the in-app currency.

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