Oracle Employees Allegedly Involved in $54 Million Money Laundering Scheme Tied to Drug Traffickers

Money Laundering

According to Forbes, Brian Krewson, an Oracle technician, has been accused by the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) of participating in a $54 million cryptocurrency money laundering scheme for two notorious drug traffickers, Christopher Castelluzzo and Luke Atwell.

Although Krewson has not been charged by the Federal Court, his close connection to the case has raised many questions.

According to the report, Castelluzzo and Atwell, before being sentenced to 21 and 19 years in prison respectively, were involved in a drug trafficking business that made millions of dollars a month.

Investigators discovered that Atwell attempted to hide his illicit cryptocurrency proceeds, which came from selling drugs on black market platforms like Blue Sky. Previously, this guy confessed that he used some money to buy 30,000 Ethereum (ETH), initially worth 9,000 USD but now worth more than 54 million USD.

And Krewson gave the wallet password to law enforcement during a raid on his residence last July. This allowed the authorities to transfer all confiscated funds to DOJ wallets despite wallet lock safety regulations.

Previously, Castelluzzo attempted to appeal to a Colorado court to request the return of the confiscated funds, claiming that this money was not related to criminal activities but rather belonged to the company Broken Wings Holdings, which he himself operates with Krewson and Atwell for cryptocurrency trading on the Bitrix exchange.

However, the court denied the appeal and the DOJ recently announced the seizure of the money through its New Jersey branch.

With these developments, Brian Krewson is seen playing an important role in a high-profile case involving the storage and laundering of $54 million worth of cryptocurrency. Although he was not charged with a federal crime, his connection to the case raised suspicions about his further involvement in illegal activities.

Authorities are attempting to determine the extent of Krewson’s involvement in money laundering before making a final decision.

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