MetaMask Crypto Wallet Removed from Apple App Store within Hours

metamask wallet removed apple app store

MetaMask cryptocurrency wallet was removed from the Apple App Store in the United States on October 14. However, within a few hours, the app was restored to its original status.

After information about MetaMask’s removal from the Apple App Store spread on X, Taylor Monahan, purportedly MetaMask’s Chief Product Officer, confirmed the incident. She mentioned they were investigating the situation and working on a resolution. Additionally, she warned about potential fake apps and urged users to report them to the MetaMask development team.

Later, MetaMask’s official X page provided feedback on the issue, stating that it was not related to any malicious issues. Fortunately, a few hours later, users saw the app reappear on the Apple App Store as if nothing had happened.

Despite the platform acknowledging that the issue originated from their end, we can consider three different hypotheses regarding this problem:

  • Regulatory Concerns: Some speculate that this could be an action by Apple to address legal or regulatory concerns surrounding cryptocurrencies and decentralized platforms. If true, not only MetaMask but other cryptocurrency-related apps may face disappearance from the platform in the future.
  • App Store Policies: Apple’s principles for the App Store are stringent. MetaMask might have unintentionally violated one or more of these principles.
  • Security Concerns: As MetaMask is entrusted with securing users’ private keys, any potential security vulnerabilities could prompt Apple to suspend the app until the concern is resolved.

In fact, this is not the first time MetaMask has been removed from major app platforms. In late 2019, MetaMask was removed from the Google Play Store and, similar to this incident, was restored a week later.

According to information from BeInCrypto, in December 2022, MetaMask co-founder and developer Dan Finlay publicly criticized Apple’s policies on the App Store when the company removed the Coinbase app. Additionally, the 30% in-app purchase fee by Apple was a source of controversy at that time.

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