Kraken Is Looking for Layer 2 Deployment Partners


Kraken, the major US cryptocurrency exchange, is looking at several blockchain technology companies to launch its own layer 2 network. This intention of Kraken is said to stem from the resounding success of Coinbase with layer 2 Base.

According to CoinDesk sources, Kraken, a cryptocurrency exchange with a large number of users in the US and second only to Coinbase, is contacting many blockchain development companies to ask them to build a layer 2 platform, including Polygon Labs, Matter Labs (the organization behind zkSync), and the Nil Foundation, to name a few.

Obviously, when Kraken’s top competitor Coinbase launched its own layer 2 network earlier this year, Kraken couldn’t sit still.

A Kraken spokesperson told CoinDesk: “We are always looking for the best ways to solve problems and promote industry opportunities. We have nothing further to share at this time.”

The exchange recently posted a recruitment advertisement for programmer positions, which required experience related to “layer 2, zero-knowledge proof and on-chain scaling solutions”.

Recently, the trend of building layer 2 has emerged in the cryptocurrency market. One of the most successful layer 2 in recent times is Base, a solution developed by America’s leading cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase. In addition, many other crypto projects are also in the process of being built or have announced their intention to establish layer-2, such as opBNB, Manta Pacific, Astar zkEVM, Ancient8 Chain, Canto, and Injective Protocol.

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