Inferno Drainer to Shut Down After Helping Scammers Drain More Than $70 Million Worth of Crypto

Inferno Drainer shut down

Inferno Drainer, one of the most popular crypto wallet-draining kits for hire, has announced its permanent closure. The platform claims to have assisted phishing scammers in stealing close to $70 million worth of cryptocurrency throughout the year.

In a Nov. 26 Telegram post, Inferno Drainer said it’s time to stop, but its files and infrastructure will stay active until users move their money elsewhere. They bid users farewell, hoping to be remembered as the best tool for withdrawing money and claiming success in helping people earn.

“It has been a long ride with all of you and we’d like to thank you from heart [sic]. Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever.”

“A big thank [sic] to everyone who has worked with us,” it added. “We hope you can remember us as the best drainer that has ever existed and that we succeeded in helping you in the quest of making money.”

Inferno Drainer became well-known after Monkey Drainer, a similar service, shut down earlier this year. Scam Sniffer, a company fighting scams, reports that about 100,000 people were scammed with the help of Inferno Drainer. Since March 27, it’s believed Inferno created almost 689 fake websites to trick people.

Like other services, Inferno Drainer offered software for taking out money, charging a 20% fee on the amount scammers wanted to withdraw.

The news of Inferno Drainer closing has different reactions in the cryptocurrency community. However, aside from Inferno, there are still many similar services operating, like Pink Drainer and Angel Drainer, showing that the demand for these tools is still high.

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