What Happened on SBF’s Calm Debut in the Courtroom

CEO Sam Bankman

In the almost year since FTX fell apart, the media has been obsessed with the story of its former CEO, Sam Bankman-Fried. There have been books, podcasts, and tons of articles about it. Now, as SBF’s trial begins with jury selection, it doesn’t seem like a big deal to the potential jurors.

The trial started with District Judge Kaplan picking jurors, asking regular questions, and cracking a few jokes. The potential jurors were told not to look up the case or talk about it. Judge Kaplan briefly explained that SBF is accused of tricking FTX and Alameda Research’s clients without giving away the full extent of the fraud or mentioning FTX’s collapse.

The courtroom was small, so journalists were kept out, watching a live feed in overflow rooms. Some wondered why such a big trial wasn’t in a fancier courtroom. SBF, looking different than usual, sat among lawyers, typing on his laptop.

The 18 potential jurors might not know much about Bitcoin or the billions involved. In a Manhattan courtroom, they’ll decide if SBF goes to jail or walks free.

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