Charles Hoskinson Brushes Off Criticism Over Cardano Governance Update

Charles Hoskinson Dismisses Criticism

A day after hosting a livestream to update Cardano community members on developments on the blockchain, Charles Hoskinson responded to criticism on X (formerly Twitter). A user doubted Cardano’s future based on a clip where Hoskinson talked about the important CIP:1694 upgrade. This upgrade aims to make Cardano’s decision-making more inclusive.

The user’s tweet suggested that Hoskinson seemed uncertain and hinted at potential centralization issues. They expressed disappointment and a loss of belief in Cardano’s future. In response, Hoskinson questioned the basis of the judgment, highlighting that it was derived from a brief clip in a much longer 45-minute video. The user apologized and committed to watching the entire video, intending to return with a changed perspective.

Hoskinson clarified that the purpose of the tricameral decision-making process is to enhance decentralization. Previously, Cardano had faced criticism for concentrating decision-making power among a small group of Genesis key holders. The new upgrade redistributes this responsibility among three bodies: stakers, delegated representatives, and a constitutional committee. According to Hoskinson, this change will make the Cardano blockchain more robust, secure, and closer to achieving full decentralization.

Despite this, some community members express concerns about the speed of development. Hoskinson has addressed these concerns, assuring the community that Cardano is making progress towards its goals.

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