BlackRock Wants the Court to Shut Down 44 Copycat Sites, Some Crypto Adjacent

BlackRock seeks court

BlackRock, the big investment company has called for a crackdown on a range of potentially scammy domains and “typosquatting” websites it alleges are taking advantage of its name.

They filed a complaint in court against the owners of 44 websites that use names similar to BlackRock, like “Blackrock,” “Aladdin,” “capital,” “crypto,” and “investments.” BlackRock thinks these sites are trying to trick people and make money through things like fake ads and scams.

The company’s lawyers say that a lot of popular websites face this issue, where similar-sounding domains are created to confuse people. BlackRock believes these sites have broken the law by making domains that are too similar to theirs.

BlackRock wants to take control of these fake domains, stop the owners from doing this in the future, and get compensation for the trouble they’ve caused. Some of these fake sites were related to crypto, but many didn’t work or were clearly trying to trick people.

This problem is not new, and it’s often used to promote scams or spread harmful software. Victims have lost millions of dollars to fake websites advertised on platforms like Google. If you want to support honest reporting on crypto, you can collect this article as an NFT.

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