(11+ Ways) How to Get Free Bitcoin in 2023?

how to get free bitcoin

Bitcoin is one of the cryptocurrencies with the most long-term and sustainable value over the years. With its current potential and unbearable price, Bitcoin is always the desire of many people, not just investors. Therefore, in this article, CoinMinutes will suggest to you the latest 11+ ways to earn free Bitcoin in 2023.

How to Get Free Bitcoin in 2023?

Instead of risking buying Bitcoin at this time, people can choose to earn Bitcoin for free. Although not much, if you patiently accumulate it, you will own a decent amount. Here are 11 ways to get free bitcoins for you:

Claim a Crypto sign-up bonus

You can get free Bitcoin by registering an account on websites or applications that allow you to receive free Bitcoin. Crypto Sign-Up Bonus is also known as a welcome bonus to trading platforms. These are the funds you receive when you sign up for the first time and become a newbie on a new cryptocurrency exchange. To get this free bitcoin, you need to visit cryptocurrency exchanges that you have never registered with before. Following the instructions of each website or application of the exchange you register with. Once completed, you will receive your reward in free Bitcoin.

Additionally, you can also get free Bitcoins by hanging your phone or doing some tasks like hourly dialing to get a small amount of Bitcoins for each dial. However, the default amount of Bitcoin is very small, so to be able to earn a significant amount, you need to be persistent and gradually accumulate.

Play-to-Earn games 

Playing games to receive Bitcoin is one of the ways you can earn free Bitcoin. This game can be played on the phone or the computer. However, people need to look for games with Bitcoin rewards

Some popular games that support gaming users to earn rewards in the form of Bitcoin are Satoshi Quiz Show (Solve fun puzzles), THNDR Game (skill-based game), and Alien Run (task-based game). service),…

It should be noted that when playing games, applications will not pay you too much free Bitcoin. Instead, they often focus on creating commercials or short videos. These clips are the main source of revenue for gaming applications. A portion of the revenue will be distributed to users if they watch the entire video.

The combined monetization gaming projects have distributed over 1,000 Bitcoins to users over time. This makes this solution attractive to more people getting involved in cryptocurrency.

Affiliate Program 

If you participate in affiliate marketing programs or virtual currency exchange referral programs, people will be paid a commission in Bitcoin. This is considered the simplest way to earn free Bitcoin. You can promote Bitcoin trading websites through the Affiliate program to earn rewards. Currently, there are hundreds, even thousands of Affiliates existing in the cryptocurrency market.

To become a successful Affiliate marketer, you need to be persistent and spend a lot of time. Advertising trading platforms, typically: Binance, FTX, Huobi Global,…, or gambling platforms is the most effective Affiliate way.

Through the Affiliate program, people will earn a lot of money, not simply through normal referrals, if anyone can take advantage of the website, marketing through SEO articles will be much more effective. So you do nothing but still earn free bitcoins every day.

Surveys and Offers

If you’re willing to answer questions and help companies with market research, taking surveys can be a great way for you to earn free Bitcoin. Several companies offer the opportunity to take such surveys, but one of the largest survey companies that offers Bitcoin as a reward is Time Bucks. Within their platform, you will be able to choose which surveys you want to complete and your payment. The surveys you will be offered vary depending on the companies currently working with Time Bucks and if they consider your profile suitable. In addition to conducting surveys, Time Bucks also rewards users with incentives for watching videos, voting, installing free apps, playing games, and performing web searches.

Airdrops and Giveaways

One of the simple ways to get free Bitcoin is through Airdrops and Crypto Giveaways. Every month, new projects are launched to the market and the majority of them will organize Airdrops to increase their ability to reach users. However, the rewards of Airdrops or Giveaways are not always BTC, but you can still convert it to Bitcoin through exchanges or trading platforms.

Airdrops and Giveaways are the most simplest and effective ways to get free Bitcoin today. The reason is that Airdrop or Giveaway does not require much knowledge or complex tasks. Additionally, you can access some platforms such as Airdrop.io, ICOMarks, or CoinMarketCap to track Airdrops.

Referral Bonus 

One of the effective ways to earn free Bitcoin is to register an account through a referral. When you register accounts on crypto exchanges through referral codes, you and your friend will receive a free Bitcoin reward.

Referral Bonuses can be in the form of commissions, Cashback, or some other benefit. The goal of the Referral program in cryptocurrency is quite similar to the Affiliate program, which is to increase user attraction and promote growth for the platform.

Staking rewards 

Staking Rewardsor Staking-to-Earn is the act of depositing and locking a certain amount of coins in a wallet or node of a blockchain project for some time to do tasks and receive rewards from the system. This way you will receive free Bitcoin based on the effort you put in including the number of coins staked & stake duration.

Interest rewards 

Investing in rewards is also one of the simplest and easiest strategies for new investors participating in the field of virtual currency to earn free Bitcoin. First, get a Bitcoin wallet, use your rewards to buy some BTC, and hope that the BTC price will skyrocket in the future, no matter how long it takes. It could be weeks, months, or even years before you decide to sell, as long as you make a profit when you sell.

Yield farming 

One of the ways to get free Bitcoin is Yield farming. Yield Farming, also known as Farming-to-Earn, is a term that refers to users trying to optimize the most profit from their existing crypto assets by providing liquidity for protocols. The rewards received from Farming come from the transaction fees of other users’ trading activities (calculated as a percentage of the liquidity you provide). This method is suitable for those with solid knowledge because the majority of people who earn free bitcoin from this method are big investors. For those of you who don’t understand clearly, this is a model with quite a high risk of losing money.

Crypto Bounties 

There is a dedicated platform that allows users to collect free Bitcoin bounties: bitcoinbounties.org. This platform involves coding and various technical tasks.

By performing tasks, users can earn up to 1 BTC upon completion. These bonuses act as incentives for crypto enthusiasts to understand more about how Bitcoin works.

Some other platforms like Bounty0x also support users with ways to contribute to the ecosystem to earn additional rewards. Bounty0x offers many different types of bonuses. So you can convert currencies through exchanges if needed.

Participating in online communities and forums

Participating in online communities and forums is an effective way to get free Bitcoin. This could include participating in competitions, or activities, or simply sharing your knowledge and experience with the community. When participating in online communities and forums, through participating in activities such as posting articles, commenting, or sharing community content you can receive free bitcoins. If you have knowledge and experience worth sharing, be sure that the community will appreciate and reward you with bitcoins depending on your participation and contributions.


Above are the latest 11 ways to receive free Bitcoin in 2023 that CoinMinutes brings to you. Hope you find the article interesting and useful.

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