What Is Governance Token?

governance token

Depending on the type of token, different cryptocurrencies will have many different uses. Typically, Governance Token, helps users participate in community decisions and management. Especially when it comes to Defi or DAO, Governance Token plays an extremely important role. So, what is a Governance Token? Let’s find out with CoinMinutes in the article below.

What Is Governance Token?

Governance token is a cryptocurrency intended to help each user in the community manage decentralized applications (DApps) and other protocols on the Blockchain.

Governance token helps users control part or all of the protocol. This means the community can propose or vote on important decisions related to the protocol such as how to spend funds, implement new features, distribute rewards, manage funds, etc.

Governance token holders will have a direct impact on the strategic management of a cryptocurrency project. The more governance tokens you own, the greater power you will have in project decisions.

How Does Governance Token Work?

Governance tokens and decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) are important elements in governing Blockchain protocols and DeFi projects. It is issued and managed through blockchain and smart contracts. The role of governance tokens is to encourage community members to participate in community decisions.

DAOs are run through an agreed set of rules and encoded as smart contracts. These rules automatically execute on the Blockchain network without the intervention of a central authority or third party. Thanks to the smart contract mechanism that helps ensure consensus among DAO members without the need for a centralized intermediary.

The goal of the DAO is to create an autonomous organization, capable of making decisions and executing transactions without the intervention of intermediaries. Smart contracts combined with governance tokens are used in governance to ensure transparency in votes and the results of each decision are announced after the votes are cast. Information about decisions and vote results is publicly stored on the blockchain, creating transparency and decentralization in the governance process.

When a proposal votes in the DAO, governance token holders have the right to place votes based on the number of tokens they hold. The amount of governance tokens they own will reflect the weight of their votes. For example, if John holds 100 tokens and Jack holds 50 tokens, then John’s vote has twice the weight of Jack’s vote. DAOs can use different voting schemes, such as quadratic voting, to increase fairness in the voting process.

Differences Between Governance and Utility Tokens

Utility Tokens were created to serve special functions in Blockchain or cryptocurrency networks. Governance token encourages users to participate in deciding the future of a project in the community, and can also receive a portion of the revenue generated by the project. There are also some differences between these two types of Tokens that Coinminutes will mention below.

The main difference between governance tokens and utility tokens is their purpose. Governance tokens are used to give users a voice in the decision-making process of the blockchain network, while utility tokens are used to access a specific service or product on the network. Additionally, governance tokens are designed to promote decentralization and encourage participation, while utility tokens are designed to provide value to holders by providing access to services or specific products.

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Governance Tokens?

The Advantages

  • Governance token creates a fair and decentralized participation environment. It allows owners to participate in decisions and project management through voting and providing comments.
  • Governance token encourages users to participate in community activities and contribute to project development.
  • Governance tokens and smart contracts in DAO ensure transparency and fairness in the governance process (Shown by storing information and voting results on Blockchain)

The Disadvantages

  • Since the voting system is based on the number of tokens held by users, a small number of groups can control the decisions of the DAO. It is leading to unfairness in the administrative process.
  • In addition, it can also cause the concentration of resources and loss of decentralization of DAO when a number of wealthy users can buy many governance tokens to increase their power.

Are Governance Tokens Valuable?

As Coinminutes mentioned above, the value that governance tokens demonstrate most clearly is giving management rights to users who hold them, helping to shape the future of the project. Additionally, they make the voting process more efficient, helping the organization generate better profits.

Maybe you don’t know about the flexibility and wide usability of this token. Governance tokens are also valuable and can be traded, exchanged, and staked.

When users stake governance tokens, they can gain access to extended services or profit sharing from the protocol, which is equivalent to holding a share in the project’s revenue stream.

Many users believe that the governance token may not have much value initially but its value will increase as the project succeeds.


Above is a detailed article about Governance Token that CoinMinutes compiled and brought to you. Governance Token is a good tool, it helps bring the project to many people by showing everyone that they have a responsibility in developing the project. Hopefully, this article has brought useful information to you.

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