What Are NFT Cards?

NFT Trading Card

NFT Cards are a unique combination of art and blockchain technology. NFT Cards give collectors the opportunity to own something unique and valuable. So, What are NFT Cards? How do they work? Let’s find out with CoinMinutes in the article below.

What Are NFT Cards?

NFT(non-fungible token) cards are a type of card encoded in. Because NFT Cards can be owned, bought, sold, and exchanged on NFT exchanges, they are also called “NFT trading cards”.

NFT Cards are collections of digital images and videos in many fields such as sports, cartoons, and video games,… guaranteed to be sturdy, safe, and transparent by blockchain technology in every transaction.

If you are interested in purchasing this type of card, there is a dedicated platform available to help you buy or sell NFT trading cards in a safe and transparent manner. The value of each NFT card can vary significantly, some reaching hundreds of thousands of dollars and others just a few dollars depending on historical relevance, demand, and rarity.

NFT trading cards have the potential to revolutionize the trading card industry, and their popularity is expected to increase as technology advances. With NFT trading cards leading the way, these digital collectibles have tremendous investment potential for the future of these assets, especially gaming trading cards.

Popular Trading Card Categories

Trading cards cover a broad spectrum of interests, appealing to various enthusiasts:

  • Sports Trading Cards: Highlighting athletes across different sports, these cards often include player statistics and enjoy immense popularity among sports aficionados.
  • Collectibles Trading Cards: Encompassing themes such as comic book characters, movie stars, or historical figures, these cards attract collectors with an interest in popular culture.
  • Gaming Trading Cards: Associated with video games or tabletop games, these cards represent in-game items, characters, or abilities, playing a crucial role in enhancing the gaming experience.
  • Trading Card Games (TCGs): Games like Magic: The Gathering and Pokémon involve strategic gameplay utilizing trading cards. Players construct decks and engage in competitive play against each other.
What Are NFT Cards

How Do NFT Trading Cards Work?

NFT trading cards are created by converting a digital file into a cryptographic token that exists on the blockchain, ensuring the authenticity and security of the transaction. Relying on Blockchain, the integrity, and provenance of each card are protected, eliminating concerns about counterfeiting or counterfeiting.

These tokens on the card are unique and guarantee the authenticity and ownership of the card. Each NFT card comes with a verified seal of authenticity and serial number. This gives them value and makes them similar to physical trading cards.

As we mentioned above, if you want to buy, sell, or trade this type of card, there is a separate platform. Ethereum is one of the most popular blockchain platforms for creating and selling NFTs and many other digital wallets as well.

What Makes NFT Trading Cards Valuable?

NFT trading cards thrive in vibrant markets, providing collectors and enthusiasts a dynamic space to buy, sell, and trade these unique collectibles. NFT Trading cards can vary in utility, many collectors buy them to display in their personal galleries as a show of power. Others collect NFT cards as an investment, selling off high-value cards. So, what makes NFT cards so valuable?

  • Uniqueness: Each NFT trading card is unique, indicating that there is no other card exactly like it in the world.
  • Rarity: Rare metals are valuable because they are uncommon, and the same goes for rare NFTs. Scarcity often drives demand, which affects value. Limited edition cards or cards with unique properties are often more sought after.
  • Authenticity: While digital items do not wear out, the authenticity and legitimacy of their origin are important. Because these tags are verified on the blockchain, buyers can be confident that they are receiving an authentic, one-of-a-kind item. This aids in avoiding fraud and ensures that their value remains the same.
  • Historical Significance: NFT Trading Cards can be highly valuable if they are released to mark an important event or are related to important historical events. This historical importance can increase their value and popularity among collectors and investors.
  • Creators: Cards created by famous artists or cards featuring famous figures or celebrities can command high prices.

Applications of NFT Trading Cards

  • Acquisition and Display: Users can purchase NFT cards to showcase them, mirroring the traditional practice of enthusiasts displaying cards at conventions. Some individuals appreciate the visual appeal and collectible nature of these cards.
  • Collectibles: Collectors derive pleasure from amassing NFT cards to showcase their rare and valuable digital assets. The aesthetic and artistic value of these cards enhances their appeal, making them a sought-after addition to digital collections.
  • Investment: NFT Trading Cards serve as potential investments, as users may buy and sell them with the expectation of long-term price appreciation. Given the fluctuating nature of their value, investors carefully monitor market trends to make informed financial decisions.
  • In-Game Utility: Certain NFT cards have practical applications within specific games or applications, providing added functionality to the collectible. For example, in-game NFTs may grant players access to specific levels, features, or special abilities, augmenting the card’s utility and value beyond its visual appeal or collectible significance.

How Do You Create Trading Card NFTs?

Next, Coinminutes will introduce you to how to create NFT trading cards on Unique Network. Follow the steps below to create your own NFT trading card.

  1. Visit Unique Network’s official website and create a user account.
  2. Log in to your account and navigate to the “Create NFT” or “Create Token” section.
  3. Select the type of asset (digital art, images, videos, music, or any other digital asset) you want to make into an NFT trading card.
  4. Following the instructions on the interface, upload your assets and provide details related to the trading tag. This can include name, description, image, video, value, and any other information related to the card.
  5. Choose the settings and ownership for your card, decide if the card can be exchanged, who has ownership of the card, and other transaction terms.
  6. Confirm and complete the card creation process: review and reconfirm the card’s information before it is created and published on Unique Network’s blockchain.

Key Factors Setting Trading Cards Apart

  • Limited Editions and Rarity

The scarcity of limited editions significantly distinguishes trading cards. These cards are produced in a predetermined quantity, making them more uncommon than regular cards. Rarity often amplifies a card’s appeal among collectors, leading to increased market value. Special editions, such as holographic or foil cards, are particularly rare and highly sought after.

  • Trading Card Manufacturers and Official Licensing

The identity of the trading card manufacturer and official licensing are pivotal considerations. Cards crafted by reputable companies generally boast higher quality and authenticity. Officially licensed cards, especially in sports and entertainment, showcase logos and intellectual property rights, ensuring their legitimacy. These aspects elevate the collectible value and authenticity of trading cards.

  • Card Grading and Authentication Processes

Card grading and authentication are critical distinguishing elements. Professional grading services evaluate a card’s condition and assign a grade that reflects its quality. Graded cards are securely sealed in tamper-proof cases, providing assurance to buyers regarding the card’s condition and authenticity. Authentication processes verify the card’s origin, safeguarding against counterfeits or reproductions. Authenticated cards instill a higher level of trust among collectors and investors.

Comprehending these factors is crucial for both collectors and sellers, as they profoundly impact the market value, authenticity, and desirability of trading cards.

TOP 6 NFT Trading Cards

Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained is a play-to-earn NFT game, running on ImmutableX, has garnered immense popularity. Gods Unchained is one of the most sought-after NFT Trading Cards in the world.


Currently holding the top spot on DappRadar for NFT games, Splinterlands operates on the Hive blockchain, utilizing the native token, Splintershards (SPS). Due to its diverse gameplay features, mastering various strategies and climbing leaderboards might take some time. This is probably also the reason why Splinterland’s NFT Trading Card is so hot.


An NFT-based fantasy sports trading card game, Sorare features top international football, NBA, and MLB players. Players collect NFT cards from around the world to create their fantasy teams and compete for prizes on the Ethereum blockchain. Sorare boasts a low entry barrier, welcoming sports fans to participate in the fun.

Axie Infinity: Origins

Although not at its peak from 2021, Axie Infinity remains a top NFT trading card game. Centered around adorable creatures called Axies, players collect, battle, and breed them.


This game, based on the Polygon network, stands out by offering a free-to-play option and a play-to-own feature. With over 500 NFT cards available in the free-to-play version, players can climb weekly leaderboards for a chance to win limited edition Silver and Gold NFT cards. Despite being in open beta, it has garnered positive reviews, attracting mobile gamers as well.

Doctor Who: Worlds Apart

Running on the Polygon blockchain, Doctor Who offers NFT trading card decks starting at just $4.99. Players can choose from hundreds of NFT cards, including classic Doctors, companions, and Whoniverse creatures, engaging in battles with players worldwide. Beyond its existing franchise following, the gameplay has also received praise from gamers outside the Doctor Who community.


NFT Trading Card is a special card with a great collectible value in the blockchain. Because of its uniqueness and rarity, NFT Cards are always sought after by both collectors and investors. Above is a detailed article about NFT Trading Cards, hopefully, the article has helped you answer the question “What Are NFT Cards?”.

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