Polygon Has Enlisted Google Cloud As One of Its Validators

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Polygon Labs recently shared that it teamed up with Google Cloud, which is now one of over 100 validators securing the Polygon PoS Network. This network, previously known as Matic Network, operates as a side-chain to Ethereum. The announcement highlighted that Google Cloud, known for powering YouTube and Gmail, is considered a trustworthy validator, adding extra security to the network.

According to the information provided, Google Cloud has staked around 10,451 MATIC (valued at $5,484) and earned 29.42 MATIC (equivalent to $15) so far. Despite being a prominent validator, Google Cloud has one of the lower amounts of MATIC staked.

This partnership began in April, outlining various goals such as Google Cloud contributing cloud services to Polygon’s zkEVM scaling solution, offering managed hosting for Polygon nodes, and supporting Polygon’s dedicated app-chain. Additionally, Google Cloud extended $200,000 in credits for Polygon-backed startups.

The collaboration between Polygon and Google Cloud is part of a broader trend, as Google Cloud has engaged in similar validator partnerships with various blockchain networks, including Solana, Voltage, Ronin Network, Tezos, and Celo. Despite this partnership, the value of Polygon’s MATIC token has seen minimal change, with a 1.2% increase over 24 hours while the overall crypto market is up 0.6%.

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