CoinMarketCap Launches ChatGPT Plugin to Optimize User Experience

CoinMarketCap x ChatGPT

On October 11th, CoinMarketCap, the cryptocurrency data aggregation tool owned by the cryptocurrency exchange Binance, officially introduced a new plugin for the AI chatbot ChatGPT.

According to the announcement, users can access this feature for free by logging into their ChatGPT Plus account and enabling the CoinMarketCap plugin. The new feature allows users to ask various questions related to cryptocurrencies and look up information about blockchain and crypto. While the plugin itself is free, users need to subscribe to the ChatGPT Plus package, which costs $20 per month, to use it.

Now, the integration of the CoinMarketCap plugin with ChatGPT will make it easier for cryptocurrency enthusiasts to find information, such as “What is the correlation between Bitcoin and Ethereum in 2023?” and “How do variations in token distribution models (ICO/IDO/launchpad, etc.) relate to observed price fluctuations?” Users will also have access to real-time data updates from CoinMarketCap, enabling them to keep up with the rapidly changing cryptocurrency landscape.

CoinMarketCap is currently one of the leading data aggregation platforms for cryptocurrency users, providing data on over 1.8 million cryptocurrencies and 665 cryptocurrency exchanges. These revolutionary updates are expected to contribute to CoinMarketCap’s significant growth in the future.

It’s worth noting that many cryptocurrency exchanges are currently experimenting with artificial intelligence (AI) technology in the context of the ChatGPT boom. Recently, the cryptocurrency exchange Bitget introduced an AI support feature for grid trading strategies, leveraging trading algorithms to automate user transactions.

In an interview, Gracy Chen, the Chief Operating Officer at Bitget, revealed that the exchange is using AI tools for translation services in multiple languages as well as for its customer service department.

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