Canva Unveils Magic Studio with Powerful AI Design Features


In celebration of its 10th anniversary, the Canva digital design platform has introduced Magic Studio – a space that allows users to edit and design graphics using AI. This event also marks the first collaborative venture between Canva and Runway AI in the design industry.

Canva presents Magic Studio as a comprehensive AI toolkit, including Magic Switch, which facilitates the conversion of designs into various formats and languages; Magic Media, utilizing Runway’s AI Gen-2 to transform text into images or videos; and Magic Design, an automated tool for creating videos and presentations. These technologies bring forth uniquely creative designs that remain natural and harmonious.

On his blog, Runway CEO Cristobal Valenzuela states, “Starting today, the complete power of Gen-2 will be accessible directly in Canva with its new Magic Media app, providing direct access to the best AI video generation model for Canva’s 150 million monthly users.”

The integration of AI into Canva is not a surprising step. Since the launch of OpenAI’s ChatGPT in November 2022, companies have increasingly focused on AI development, including major players like Amazon and Microsoft, investing billions in research.

With these innovations, Canva believes that Magic Studio will become an excellent space for creators to easily develop their design ideas. Simultaneously, Canva has intensified measures to protect against the misuse of AI technology, particularly in the case of Deepfake. Danny Wu, head of Canva’s AI Research and Integration Department, emphasizes their commitment to user trust and safety. AI-generated images of famous personalities or third-party intellectual property will not be allowed. Additionally, negative information related to health and politics will be restricted to prevent the platform from becoming an extremist space.

Founded in 2013, Canva quickly became a popular design tool and a beloved choice for many users. The platform’s outstanding growth resembled a storm; after its 2013 launch, Canva received a $3 million investment from renowned investors like Matrix Partners and InterWest Partners. Since then, Canva has continued to expand its operations, boasting 55 million users annually. In 2023, marking its 10-year journey, Canva remains a valuable ally for millions in graphic design, promising to be a worthwhile design space for users.

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